Courage Over Fear

Recently, there have been big changes in our church. Beginning in January, we will only have two hours of church. The prophet has asked that we refrain from calling ourselves “Mormons” or “LDS”. As youth, we were asked to join the Youth Battalion to help gather Israel.  Also, 12 new temples were announced.

I think that sometimes people are afraid of change. It can be hard to break from our habits, to try some thing that is foreign to us. We fear we will not fit in, we fear we will fail, we fear no one will care.

Luckily, we have the Savior to lean on. With Him, we never need to fear. He will welcome us, He will comfort us, He cares more than we know. We can go forward in these troubling times with faith and courage. In the most recent conference, Elder Rasband gave a lovely talk on how we don’t need to fear. You can read it here

Elder Rasband teaches us that we don’t need to fear if we are on the Lord’s side. We can repel fear when we have the Holy Spirit in our presence.

As we go forward as a united church, as faithful daughters, and as disciples, let us have courage. Have courage, that your efforts to gather Israel and follow the commandments, will be rewarded. We need not fear.

I know that as I strive to follow the Lord, I will be blessed. I am grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know that our prophet, President Nelson, leads us and I know that as we follow him, we can and will be blessed.

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