Conference is over, now what?

So, you just had a great weekend spent with family, listening to the words of prophets and apostles. There might have been a few quotes you liked when you heard them, maybe you even received an answer to a question you’ve been thinking about. Maybe you didn’t. The important thing to remember about conference is it doesn’t end with the final session. You don’t have to wait 6 months to being taught by the leaders of our church.

Here are some ideas for continuing your conference studies.


  • Buy a conference edition ensign
    • It is so nice to have your own copy of the conference ensign. My mom used to buy each of us our own copy of the conference edition so we could study it in our own time, highlight passages, and write down thoughts on a talk. It was always so special to me to have my own copy. I love looking back on articles I’ve studied that are covered with writing and highlighter marking, which brings me to the next idea…
  • Highlight, draw, write, doodle all over conference talks
    • This makes it more personal, it makes it yours! The more you write, the more the inspiration will start to flow! You’ll find small passages you might have overlooked before. You’ll find words with new meanings. Try it!
  • Read and re-read
    • Conference isn’t just a once and done kind of thing. It’s something you can continually learn from. Was there a conference talk you liked? Go back and read it, you’ll like it even more. Then re-read it, you’ll continue to learn from it as you read and re-read.
  • Pray
    • Most importantly, when you go to read a conference talk, consider starting with a prayer. If you are feeling hopeless, lost, sad; if you are searching for answers you’re in desperate need of, pray. It will set the tone for your study and improve your communication with the spirit.


You don’t have to do these suggestions, maybe you’d rather read a talk from your phone, maybe you would rather listen to a talk in the morning as you get ready for school. Either way, I recommend picking one or two and trying them for a few days. I promise as you do so, the Lord with bring you comfort, peace and answers to your questions.
What was your favorite conference talk?

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