Buy a T-shirt (or a journal). Donate to Disaster Relief.

Has there even been such a season of earthquakes and hurricanes? Here at we are feeling sorrowful and frightened for our brothers and sisters who have been affected by recent natural disasters. We are especially worried about Puerto Rico where Hurricane Maria devastated the island leaving 97% of residents without power and 50% without water. All the LDS missionaries evacuated the island– it might seem strange to pull out the missionaries when the people need so much help. But there’s not enough food.

We know everyone has donated to various hurricane and earthquake relief funds. Still, we want to do our part here at RubyGirl. Starting today, we will donate 100% of the purchase price of t-shirts and notebooks (the super cool journals we used at the Retreat) to the LDS Humanitarian Center for disaster relief. Spread the word! Let’s sell every last t-shirt and journal and send some love out to our brothers and sisters who need our help. Journals and t-shirts are $15 FREE shipping.

Everyone loves these adorable t-shirts. 100% cotton, shaped fit, ‘just right’ scoop neck, no shrinkage, fit is true to size.¬†$15 FREE SHIPPING.



These are the best journals around! Made of recycled paper, 7″ x 10″ they are perfect for writing, decorating the cover, pasting in favorite quote and photos.¬†Once you buy one you will want another!

$15 FREE SHIPPING. Sorry, no international shipments.



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  • Lily
    September 27, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    I attended the retreat, and I will be the first to say that both the t shirt and the journal are AMAZING! The journal was my favorite take-home from the retreat!

    You guys are the best! Prayers to everyone affected by the recent natural disasters.