Be Still

Have you ever noticed some of your best ideas come when you are in the shower? Or just as you are falling asleep at night? There is a reason President Nelson keeps a journal by his bed, so he can capture all those thoughts that come to him in the still of the night.

My favourite story from Church History is that of the Mormon Battalion. I love the seminary video where the battalion stop and watch the storm roll over, simply stating ‘Be still and know I am God’.

We often don’t take the time to just be still. The world moves so fast and we are constantly plugged into communication, so we don’t take the time to just stop. We don’t take the time to just be quiet and listen. I often wonder how many heavenly messages I have missed in my life because I was too busy and didn’t stop.

So here is our challenge. Stop and listen. Take a moment just to be quiet and hear what Heavenly Father has to tell you. I will do it with you and let’s see what we hear.

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