And She Reached…..

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You know her story, right?

The woman with the issue of blood. 12 years. Sick. An outcast. Matthew 9:18-26.

What do you already know about this woman’s story?

It was crowded. Christ was surrounded by His disciples and crowds of people pressed against Him in the lower region of the Galilee.

This woman reached because she had enough faith to be healed and to become whole.

Think of the unknown parts of her story, though, and the parts that perhaps you don’t know. The depth of her faith, the pain she had carried, and the wide motives of her heart.

From her story, I love these words the very most—

“For she said within herself” (Matthew 9: 21)

Can’t you just imagine her? Just seconds before her reach, saying within herself and to herself…..

You can do this.

You’ve got this.

You’re strong enough.

He will love you.

He will take care of you.

You have everything it takes.

You have every ounce of faith you need.

Just reach out.

Just reach.

And she reached……

The minute she reached for the Savior’s hem, it became a sacred moment.

So what makes one story sacred and perhaps another not sacred?

Women have been studying other women’s lives for centuries, particularly the women of scripture. Sacred stories tell us about ourselves and transform us, while connecting us to other human beings. Sacred stories move us and teach us something about ourselves.

What’s the connection between this woman’s sacred story and your story? Your story, as His daughter, is sacred because it began with His story.

“For she said within herself….”

And she reached…..

Hush your world a little, just as she did, and reach with words. Reach with pen and paper. Record the impressions of your heart and write your sacred story.

What are you reaching for?

How are your arms and heart outstretched towards heaven?

What questions cause you to reach heavenward?


To be His daughter during such a time as this is the most sacred part of our story. Carry this knowledge with you today, no matter what your hands and heart are carrying.

Keep reaching.

Keep listening to your heart until you meet His hem.

Artwork by: Howard Lyon “Thread of Faith”



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1) Read something beautiful every day.
2) Look for symbols of Heavenly Father and His love every day. Every day.
3) Write and record the light you gather along your journey as you deepen your discipleship.
4) Believe in angels. Believe they are near and that you have earthly and heavenly help.
5) Seek and desire His Spirit every day. It's so worth it!

These magic 5 things hold me up every day! I'm the mother to 3 beautiful daughters. I married my kindergarten sweetheart. I've taught college and creative writing for over 20 years. The older I get, the more I need Jesus Christ.

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  • Kim
    March 14, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    Just what I needed to get me through today! So excited to share this with the many people who will also be inspired. Thank you for your insight!