An interview with Brighton

“What advice would you give to other teenagers?”
“When it gets hard, and it does, when you feel like no one is there for you and you feel like no one understands, I guess my advice would be to realize that someone always understands you and someone is always there. And even if you feel like others won’t ever get it, there is someone who always does. And that’s Heavenly Father. Never under estimate the power and love of Heavenly Father.”
“How has your music helped you in your life?”
“Music helps a lot. A while ago my sister was struggling and we weren’t really friends and it was stupid because we weren’t getting along. I never wanted to be home, it was hard to be around her because we fought all the time. And I write music so I sat down one night and I prayed about it actually and I just started writing this song and it came to me easily. It was all the things I wanted to say to her and all the things I wanted her to know. I never really knew how to say it but I could say it through music. It took a lot of courage but I played it for her and I just felt like she knew and she understood. When you surround yourself with good music you definitely can feel the Spirit. That experience brought us closer. It was a turning point from not being friends and not wanting to be around each other to her becoming my best friend.”

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Hello! My name is Sandi. My hubby and 6 kids and I call Southern California home. I am a fan of anything radiating the light of Christ. Two years ago, my daughter Claire and I created the instagram account @MormonFaces and ever since then we have been asking members of the Church how they have seen the hand of The Lord in their lives, or other spiritually minded questions. After listening to more than 500 people answer I feel that it has been eternally imprinted on my heart that in fact The Lord is in the details of our lives.

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