An interview with Abby

“Tell us a little bit about yourself.”

“I was raised overseas. I lived in England, Holland, France and Switzerland in really cool and diverse wards and branches. I’ll be a USU student in the Fall and I do Instagram for fun, I created the @LatterdaySaints Instagram over four and a half years ago. I had just been living in Switzerland where there just weren’t a lot of Mormons and then I moved to the states and suddenly there were 7 Mormon kids going to my same High School which was crazy for me, I thought that was so many. At that point Instagram was kind of on the rise and I realized there was a lack of community for the Mormon Demographic. Because of all the places I had lived I knew what it felt like to have a good Mormon Community and also the lack of so I just thought why not create a community on Social Media. I kind of just wanted to see what would happen and from there it just grew. I have had really cool experiences and have learned things about members in other parts of the world. I have a lot of followers from Africa, the Caribbean and Asia that don’t have other LDS members near by so it’s really cool to hear their stories. Many have reached out to me through email or direct message to share bits of their lives and it’s been fascinating to hear from them. It makes the world a lot smaller of a place.”
“What did you think of Elder Bednar’s talk on Sharegoodness?”
“That was so funny to me because that’s when I saw the older generation getting onto Instagram, Bishops started following and this 50-70 year old demographic, and I loved that. I think that because there is so much weirdness on Social Media that people discredit it very fast. But Elder Bednar gave purpose – I felt more of a purpose. Sometimes I go through phases of I don’t know what I am doing and after Elder Bednar spoke it refreshed my purpose. I think it was a really important thing he did because it opened the doors for this massive missionary movement with social media.”


Author profile

Hello! My name is Sandi. My hubby and 6 kids and I call Southern California home. I am a fan of anything radiating the light of Christ. Two years ago, my daughter Claire and I created the instagram account @MormonFaces and ever since then we have been asking members of the Church how they have seen the hand of The Lord in their lives, or other spiritually minded questions. After listening to more than 500 people answer I feel that it has been eternally imprinted on my heart that in fact The Lord is in the details of our lives.

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