A Short Post About an Everlasting Truth

Although Easter is over, it’s still good to reflect on the important truth it brings: God died for you because he loves you.

Hymn 192 says, “He shed a thousand drops for you. A thousand drops of precious blood.” But it wasn’t just blood. They were drops of sweat; of tears. He really cares about you. He’s emotionally invested in your future.

To simplify: God wants to help you, and He has the power to do so. What a nice combination! Having connections with the most capable person in the universe is the best, no? It’s like Pedro’s cousins and their sweet hook-ups.



It’s hard to understand the divinity of the Resurrection if you’re only scraping the surface. This is why we must dive deep and really ponder on what God has done for us. If you do this, I promise that you’ll be able to feel the Lord’s love for you. It’s almost inexplicable, but when you keep up with your scriptures and think of the Lord each day, the things that used to be taxing are so much easier. Because with God on your side, you have everything on your side.

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Jane Tallmadge spends her time playing tennis, reading, longboarding, and writing Ruby Girl articles instead of doing homework. She struggles with an identity disorder in which she wishes she was European but is tragically from Texas. Some of her favorite things include cheese plates, jazz music, and her family. If you offer her dark chocolate (90% cacao, please), she might make you shrimp in return.

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