25 Fun and Inspiring Phone Backgrounds

Sometime our phones need a little pick-me-up with a new background (those options that come with the phone get old real fast, amiright).

And sometimes we need a little pick-me-up. Putting a beautiful background or an inspirational reminder on your phone can be the perfect way to give you a reality check. Maybe it is a scripture, a quote, or a beautiful image that reminds you of your blessings. Or maybe it is just something fun that makes you smile! We look at our phones all the time so why not make them a way to improve our lives?

Check out these 25 free downloadable phone backgrounds and get started with a fresh outlook on your day ahead.

Save any of these images to your phone, go into your settings, select the image for your wallpaper and voila! Joy and happiness.


via Rifle Paper Co


via Clementine Creative

via We Heart It

via Love This Pic

via C. Brookering

via Mobile Themes

via In Everything

via Just A Girl

via Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth 

via ban.do

via Lauren Conrad

via C. Brookering

via Card Store

via C. Brookering

via Something Peach

via Craft Mint

via Oh So Beautiful Paper

via Best Lock Screens

via Kay Brighton

via My Baby Olive Juice

via Grace and Josie

via Pinterest

via ban.do

via In Everything

via tumblr

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